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We feel that high-end beauty must be effortless and attainable. We’ve vetted and trained several of the very best beauty professionals in the market and delivered incredible looks across runways, charity events, red carpets, and luxury brand experiences.

Houston Makeup Artists and Hairstylists bring quality & peace of mind, whether you’re an individual who wants a flawless, luxury look, or a corporation looking to deliver an excellent beauty experience to your clientele. We work together with just the best makeup artist in Houston and Houston hair stylist in the industry with an experience that spans red carpet, editorial, and runway.

10% of the candidates become one of the artists in Houston Makeup Artists and Hairstylists, and most artists are rigorously screened, tested, and qualified on the Houston Makeup Artists and Hairstylists standard. Book with a Houston Makeup Artists and Hairstylists best makeup artist in Houston, and Houston hair stylist now.

As a part of our sincerity to providing a high-end experience, Houston Makeup Artists and Hairstylists artists only use prestige products. They are updated on the most recent beauty strategies, ensuring clients will always be getting the very best of beauty delivered right for their home. We provide quality and convenience.


We ensure that our artists meet up with your special beauty needs, whether it is a person at home appointment or maybe a big event with a lot of customers. Book with us, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Feeling beautiful is invaluable. Houston Makeup Artists and Hairstylists professional makeup artists will help you reach your desired look with total face makeup, event makeup, and makeup for tweens and teenagers. Go for the natural and pure look for a gentle finished look; the simply glowing appearance for the California glow, lucky stars for a precisely lined eye & a bold lip; or maybe the smoke look for dramatic, smoky eyes.

As the best makeup artist in Houston, and hairstylist in Houston, our staff of beauty professionals are dedicated to ensuring many customers get a dependable, detail-oriented, and also a multi-faceted expert experience where the customer isn’t just pleased, but ecstatic about their experience.

Here at Houston Makeup Artists and Hairstylists, we understand the desire to look your best for exclusive events. If you look your greatest, you will feel good and place yourself in place to have the best time possible.

May it be a red carpet event, prom, graduation, quinceañera, conference, business gathering, or maybe some other type of celebration. As the best makeup artist in Houston and hairstylist in Houston, we can help turn your hair and makeup look fantastic and improve your daily look right into a red carpet ready appearance. You deserve it. Beautifying people and helping individuals feel glamorous, confident, and beautiful is our passion.

Our makeup artists have more than 10 years of experience beautifying females for those occasions including red carpet events (Oscars, Golden Globes, Emmys, Grammys, Movie Premieres), award shows, press appearances, conferences (TED), beauty pageants, proms, fashion shows, college/ high school graduations, quinceañeras, and vacation parties.

Give us a call or maybe shoot us an email and we will talk about your beauty needs. We’d like to talk about precisely how we, as a Houston hair stylist and the best makeup artist in Houston, can improve your natural beauty and allow you to feel and look like the star of the event.

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