Benefits Of Airbrush Makeup Over Traditional One

Weddings are certainly fancy affairs, but they are also never-ending affairs, and standing on your feet for 7-10 hours at a time can be exhausting. And this exhaustion may be visible on your skin right away. Apart from choosing the perfect wedding gown, brides-to-be may find it difficult to settle on a style. Any bride’s first thought is whether or not her makeup will last through the functions. While it’s simple to keep a hairstyle in place, makeup requires more attention.

Who else does not want to survive a summer wedding without any makeup melt down. Fortunately, it is possible with Airbrush Makeup. This makeup technique has got you covered for your big day!

Airbrush makeup is a skin-friendly liquid-based makeup that is applied with an airbrush, similar to traditional makeup. Before the makeup contacts the skin, the airbrush atomizes it into a fine mist. This results in a much smoother finished appearance and allows for faster application than traditional methods. It is in trend for wedding makeup and special ceremonies where public speaking and presentation are important.

Airbrush makeup is sprayed onto the skin’s surface with an airbrush in light coats that are controlled by small amounts of air pressure to avoid harming the applicant.

How is it done?
Airbrush makeup, as opposed to using your fingertips, brush, or beauty blender to apply makeup, involves the use of an air gun with pre-loaded foundation and other products. The best part about using airbrush makeup is that you only need a small amount of product, which goes a long way. When you pull the trigger on this air gun, a mist of foundation sprays out, leaving your face smooth and flawless. You don’t have to be concerned about your makeup looking cakey a few hours into the wedding festivities.

There are a couple of models of airbrushes to be aware of –

Single Action Airbrush
It is essentially controlled by an on/off switch. When you press the trigger, you’ll get a steady stream of makeup from the airbrush.

Double action Airbrush
It takes the concept of a single action to a new level. Rather than using the airbrush trigger as an on/off switch, you have instant variable control over the amount of makeup that flows from the airbrush.

Benefits over traditional makeup

Get a cleaner, smoother surface
Use airbrush makeup to get a cleaner, smoother surface, both in terms of feel as well as appearance. It also reduces the chances of smudged makeup when going for a flawless makeup finish.

The amount that is paid for airbrush makeup is cheaper as very little amount of color works a long way when it is sprayed through an airbrush. You will be using less makeup to achieve the same opacity.

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