The 7 Best Ponytail Styles For Every Girl

If there is a women’s hairstyling competition- Ponytail is a clear winner! They are pretty easy to create, plus prettier to watch. Moreover, several customized options are available, from short to very long hair. You can wear them anywhere. And the list doesn’t end!

However, our focus will be on the ponytail styles in this exclusive Houston Makeup post. Let’s go then!

1. Braided Ponytail
Whether a day on a beach or a night party with a cocktail in our hand, a Braided ponytail has been the top recommended by Houston Hairstylists. It’s easy to create, and no matter how trendy are wavy-styles, we should reconsider the frizziness and tangles in this style.

2. Twisted High Ponytail
Perfect for a casual day, this go-to ponytail needs little or no effort. It can go well with unwashed hair and has a sufficient grip to hold itself firmly.

3. Wrap-Around Ponytail
This ponytail looks complex and complicated; however, it isn’t. Ideal with formal clothing to go with the office.

4. Sleek Ponytail
This ponytail is for long hair for a high-gloss finish with a sleeky texture- hence the name.

5. Low Ponytail
Easiest of all! A wavy ponytail is the most classical hairstyle you can expect from any woman. Just gather your hair on your nape, tie it, and off you go! They can work perfectly for medium to long hair.

6. Pineapple Ponytail
Also popular among the celebrities like Rihanna. The pineapple ponytail is perfect for women with curly hair. Just tie your hair at the top of your head (crown) with a rubber band.

7. Bubble Ponytail
If you like to add a creative, go for this ponytail style. But remember, you need to tie your hair multiple times. Ideal for longer hair.

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