Top-4 Bridal Makeup Myths That Need Instant Debunking

A wedding is the grandest day for every bride, regardless of nationality. And makeup forms its crucial backbone. But while doing online research, you may encounter several makeup facts which may not be 100% correct. But don’t worry, Houston Makeup has brought top-4 myths that need instant debunking. Here are they.

1. Wearing Daily Makeup Can Harm Your Skin
Probably the most common myth! You are a newlywed girl who needs to look good every day. So, there is nothing wrong with doing makeup every day, unless you use any old or expired product. Moreover, timely makeup removal at night is greatly recommended in this case.

2. You Can Leave Washing Your Makeup Brush For The Day If You Are The Only Person Using The Makeup
Your makeup brush is exposed to several products and surfaces. So, the longer you skip washing them, the more chances of bacteria accumulation on their fibers! This can further lead to skin diseases. Obviously, no bride wants this on their wedding day!

3. Dipping a Mascara Wand Into The Tube Several Times Can Prevent Lumps & More Material Can Stick To It
Stop believing this myth right away! Dipping a mascara wand several times into the tube can create a clumpy look rather than thicker lashes. The reason being the air entering the tube dries out the mascara.

4. Apply Glitters Can Lead To A Flashier look On The Grand Day
Last one on our list! Looking extra radiant and striking is the right of every bride. Every special-purpose cream, powder, and lotion has some glitter particles to offer a radiant look to flaunt while on stage. But make sure to apply in a finite amount.

Thanks for stopping by! We hope you found the information helpful. Thinking of the best bridal makeup in town? Consider Houston Makeup Artists And Hairstylists.